Laya Gives Back to Members with One-Off Payment

Laya Gives Back to Members with One-Off Payment

Laya Gives Back to Members with One-Off Payment

At a time when bills only seem to keep on rising, laya healthcare’s upcoming Member Support Benefit Payment will undoubtedly be welcome news to its 650,000 members.

With the cost of healthcare continuing to increase, for the second time in two years laya is providing additional support to all of its members through a one-off payment for everyone who had an active plan on 1st June 2022 – as well as through the provision of unlimited digital healthcare services, free-of-charge.

Regardless of how much you pay for your policy, all members with an active laya healthcare policy will benefit from a payment of €85 per adult and €35 per child. Payments are calculated by member, not by policy – so if, for example, you have two adults and one child on your laya policy, you’ll receive a payment of €205.

If laya have your bank account details on file, the main policy holder will automatically receive the payment during the first week in July. But if you don’t have your bank details saved to your laya account, don’t worry. You’ll receive your Member Support Benefit Payment via post, so look out for a cheque arriving in August 2022.

Even if your employer pays for your laya health insurance policy, you’ll still be entitled to the one-off payment.

There are only a couple of exclusions. You won’t qualify for this benefit if you only have a dental policy, health protect or a money smart plan. If you’re behind in paying for you policy by €20 or more, you won’t receive the Member Support Benefit Payment until you’re up to date on your premium payments.

Laya previously offered refunds to its members back in March 2020, due to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic making private healthcare harder to access, resulting in significantly reduced claims.

But if you’re not a laya healthcare member, don’t despair – Ireland’s two other health insurers have also been offering refunds to their members. Vhi refunded it’s members €75-€300 per adult back in May, depending on the policy held, while Irish Life Health passed on the HIA one-off levy reduction to its members in April this year, saving an average family around €100.

So what do you need to do now to claim your payment? Absolutely nothing. Laya’s Member Support Benefit Payment will be paid automatically – directly into your bank account if laya have your details, or via cheque if they don’t.

Check out laya’s full announcement here.

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