Laya Healthcare



The Basic Health Insurance Plans provide hospital cover in public hospitals only and are the most affordable options.

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The Bronze health insurance plans provide public and private hospitals, with some specific hospitals excluded.

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The Silver health insurance plans provide public hospitals and semi-private rooms in private hospitals.

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The Gold health insurance plans provide public hospitals and a private room in private hospitals.

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The Platinum health insurance plans provide public, private and high-tech hospitals.

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How to claim

Claims must be submitted within 12 months of the treatment date on your receipt. Claims take around 10 working days to process.

There are two types of costs that people need to claim money back for:

1. Everyday medical expenses
These can be claimed through the Laya App or submit a claim through your Member Area. You can submit your claims for everyday medical expenses through the app or online at any point during the year. Follow these simple steps to make a claim using the Member App or online through Laya Member Area.

2. Hospital visits
The majority of these claims are settled directly between Laya and the hospital so you don’t usually need to submit an In-patient claim form. However you should always check your consultant name and procedure code prior to your hospital appointment.

Member benefits

Some of Laya member benefits range from preventive tests and screenings, to cover for a range of treatment options, to recovery and support. Learn more >