Our dedicated health insurance experts can provide clarity into the 320+ policies available on the market and support you to choose one that truly meets your unique healthcare needs, at a price that fits your budget. Our simple online process makes it quick and easy for you to get started.

Who We Are

Ger Conalty

As Managing Director here at HCC.ie, Ger is passionate about supporting individuals and employers to protect themselves, their families and their employees with the right health insurance to meet their unique needs and budget.

As an APA qualified advisor, Ger has worked in the health insurance industry for over 7 years. Through his experience in helping individuals and businesses to select their ideal health insurance plan, Ger knows just how difficult it can be to navigate the inherent complexities and variables in the Irish market – often resulting in people overpaying for policies that don’t truly meet their personal needs.

That’s why, today, Ger is on a mission with HCC.ie to make finding the right plan as easy and stress-free as possible. 

Ger Conalty | Managing Director at HCC.ie

David Kindlon

David is CEO and co-founder of both HCC and its parent company, Eppione. A born entrepreneur and an insurance specialist since 2001, he is a Qualified Financial Advisor and has been a council member for Brokers Ireland (Formerly Irish Brokers Association).

David is excited by the potential of HCC to make choosing a healthcare policy simple and stress-free. Using the wealth of knowledge gained through his successful and rewarding career in providing financial services to SMEs, today David is dedicated to combining innovative technologies with expert advisory services, supporting people and businesses alike to ensure their insurance needs are met.